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Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Iranians?

I've watched with interest as the news media has reported the decision by President Bush to go after the Iranians operating in Iraq (see article). I find it amusing at one level, because the decision- which is a no-brainer- is being reported as some kind of stunning news.

Iranian operatives in Iraq? No kidding! Iran is one of the most oppressive and horrific regimes on the face of the earth. They have a lot at stake in Iraq, and having a western-style democracy crop up next door in not in their self-interest. Anyone who has followed the news knows that Iran has been helping the insurgency since the beginning; they have been reported, for example, to be manufacturing the advanced roadside bombs killing our Soldiers.

But we, as a nation, are not willing to admit what Iran is really all about. We're not willing to admit that this nation has been waging a cold war against us, and Israel, for 28 years. Beginning with the hostage crisis in 1979-1980, and continuing through various terrorists attacks, through the funding and training of Hezbollah against Israel, through the partnership with Syria against the United States, and now, as they openly develop nuclear weapons with North Korea, Iran has continued to prepare for an outright fight against us.

But we cannot bring ourselves to admit it. Americans are prone to a self-loathing that is almost comical. Certainly, we think, no one in this world can hate us without a good reason. We must have done something. We must be at fault... or maybe it's the President... or maybe, some other reason.

The Iranian issue, however, transcends all of that. They are led by a particularly repressive form of Islam that believes in the imminent return of someone they believe to be the "12th Imam" after Muhammed. The 12th Imam is a messianic figure who will wage warfare against the enemies of Islam. The President of Iran has stated this philosophy time and again, yet we're unwilling to face this reality.

Added to this are the constant threats against Israel AND the US. Iran IS developing nuclear power and their statements indicate a willingness to weaponize and use it.

Therefore, we need to view these news reports in a different light. No sane nation would allow the operatives of a hostile nation to operate on the battlefield. The fact that it's noteworthy news only indicates that most Americans haven't paid attention to the huge role Iran has attempted to play in Iraq since the beginning of the war. Leaders of both Iraq and the US have warning about the Iranian threat since day one, but some people have not been able to believe it.

Bottom line: I think it's a good step, but... it doesn't really represent anything new. It simply how we should operate. We have to protect our men and women.


Blogger Matt said...

"Iranian operatives in Iraq? No kidding! Iran is one of the most oppressive and horrific regimes on the face of the earth. " What can I say? Your brief post was dead on! The Iranian gov't has been waging a cold war with us for the past 28 years. One thing I love is how the media tries to act that Ahmadinejad is an important figure. Khameini's the one that has the final say on everything.

1:37 AM  
Blogger TheMadZak said...

"The 12th Imam is a messianic figure who will wage warfare against the enemies of Islam." Doesn't that sound familiar? Before Christ many of us thought the same thing. We expected a Messiah who would become physical ruler of the world. We expected to be saved when our Messiah led armies to defeat our enemies. Instead, we found that God is not a vengeful deity quick to smite others with fire and brimstone. He is absolutely the opposite. He saved us through sacrafice and understanding. He destroyed the true enemy - evil - with love and forgiveness. I wish more people on the planet would realize that.

6:09 PM  

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