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Sunday, February 04, 2007

A Typical Day

A few days ago, one of the comments asked about a typical day for me.

Well, I normally work a minimum 12 hour "shift." I typically will spend my day doing a mix of visiting with Soldiers, administrative duties (such as overseeing chaplain movement by air), preparing my sermon, or Bible Study, or BUA briefing. I do the BUA (Battle Update Assessment) twice a week. This is the meeting the Commander (in this case, the Major General) holds for assessments on how things are going. For the chaplain portion, I present a short devotional that I write. Other duties include various other briefings, such as preparing Soldiers to go home for their two weeks of leave

Some days are longer than 12 hours, more like 16 hours. On those days, especially, I pretty much get up, go to the office, work, and go back and sleep and repeat the drill the next day.

We are also expected to stay active in PT (Physical Training, i.e., exercise). We are required to take an Army Physical Fitness Test in theater. Most Soldiers incorporate PT into their day; our boss, in the chaplain section, however, forbids this, so PT is done on our "own" time. This means I have to fit it in, somewhere outside of the 12-16 hour workday!

Sunday, thank God, is usually the slowest day. The highlight, of course, is our Sunday evening worship service. Today I am beginning a new sermon series, from the book of Hebrews, on faith. Tonight we will explore a Biblical view of "faith" and over the coming weeks we will look at faith as depicted through the lives of the various people mentioned in Hebrews 11.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Chris:

It sounds like you have and incredibly busy schedule i.e. 7/24, which may be a blessing in that time does go faster when you're schedule is full. I will be working this morning and probably having lunch with Margit and then possibly watching the Super Bowl. I'm kind of pulling for Indianapolis because of Tony Dungy and his Minnesota or roots. He reminds me a great deal of Bud Grant; a real class act and a devout Christian.

Do you have any idea yet regarding your two-week leave or can you even discuss it? Hopefully, we can all get together to see you at that time. I will probably be in Italy and Switzerland the latter part of February depending on certain developments. This is my first winter in Minnesota in six years and hopefully my last. The weather the past two days has been 15° below zero with a windchill in the -40° range. Palm Beach was 85° which is 100° difference. Any way weather seems rather trite in comparison with what you're experiencing in Iraq. Everyone here is praying for you and for the safety of our soldiers. They are true heroes and unfortunately some politicians here are more concerned about their well-being than that of the American soldier and the Iraqi people. The divisiveness between the Sunnis and the Shia has been a historical fact for 1200 years and it is not going to change overnight. The history of this part of the world from the Sumerians until today has been one of competing tribes and beliefs. This will not change overnight and our motives are at least honorable.

Please take care! We all love you and respect everything you are doing.

Love, Dad

4:19 PM  

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